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West Side Together Outreach Team

WESTSIDE Together is a community-driven initiative to support Charleston’s Westside residents, families, businesses, and partners by working together to create a thriving community for all.

WESTSIDE Together is a long-term commitment to invest in our community with the goal of connecting residents and partners to each other and to the resources we need to build a happy, healthy, and safe Westside. The key to our success is the relationships we have with one another and the commitment, pride, and passion we all have for the Westside.


The future of the Westside is bigger than any one of us.
We are stronger when we all work together.

WESTSIDE Together includes the work of the WESTSIDE Collaborative and the WESTSIDE Outreach Team

Connect with the Westside

Driven by community outreach, WESTSIDE Together launched WESTSIDE Connect and the What's Up Westside quarterly newsletter. Learn more about the communications initiative and stay updated on events and resources!


Show your love for the Westside!

Feel free to download, share, and display these posters in your business or home.
Help spread the word from the West.







Stronger Together


The Shared Values Guiding our Work Together

Collaboration & teamwork

Sharing a common mission, leaving egos at the door, leveraging skills & experience, having positive attitudes

Community-driven & inclusive

Valuing resident and community leadership and input

Trust & respect

Valuing differences, building on existing work & relationships, creating safe, accessible opportunities for collaboration & participation

Results-focused & committed

Commitment to the work, accountability, perseverance, follow-through & long-term investment

More info and opportunities to get involved coming soon

Please check back at this site for updates on efforts of the WESTSIDE Collaborative and the WESTSIDE Outreach Team and more ways to get involved.

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